200mg Muscle & Joint Cream Curacion

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Relieve sore muscles and joints with this relaxing cream from Curacion

Curacion's all natural Muscle & Joint Relaxing Cream contains organic broad spectrum hemp CBD oil - zero THC including 200mg of pytochemically rich CBD while featuring other non-psychoactive cannabinoids, flavonoids and terpenes including CBG, CBC, limonene and pinene. It is most powerful at actively reducing muscle & joint soreness, cramps and pain. 

Size is 1 fluid ounce.

    Curacion CBD products are locally Curated for Life! We use all natural ingredients in all of our products, and sustainable agronomic practices to grow our hemp. Our products are grown, processed and manufactured in Middle Tennessee. From seed to final sell everything that goes into our product happens in Tennessee. We are proud to be multigeneration Nashvillians growing and producing a product to share with you.