The Jack Snack Pack
The Jack Snack Pack
The Jack Snack Pack
The Jack Snack Pack

The Jack Snack Pack

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Join Nashville in supporting our cherished musicians and live music venues by watching this virtual concert series - The Music City Bandwidth presented by Jack Daniel's.

Tune in every night at 7pm CT from now through October to watch a free virtual concert on Music City Bandwidth 

No music experience is complete without concert concessions so you can enjoy the Jack Snack Pack while watching the show!

Each show is recorded live at 15 of Nashville's independent music venues. Order your Jack Snack Pack today and just add "Jack" for a little taste of Nashville!

The Jack Snack Pack includes:

-Music City Shot Glass custom made by Jack Daniel's
-White's Elixir – Old Fashioned Mix (just add "Jack")
-Lil' Goos – Nashville's original candy bar
-Gourmet (Whiskey) Prohibition Popcorn
-Music City Guitar Pick Magnetic Bottle Opener
-Free Shipping